Water and Annexation: The Dynamic Duo

Whenever the topic of water or annexation is discussed, it is frequently an issue that generates great emotion. This is probably true in most communities, but it is especially true here in Central Yavapai County. It is probably safe to suspect that the water and annexation debate occurs daily in our area at various coffee shops, bars, on park benches and ultimately, Council meetings.

How Do We Address Growth?

Of course, growth, annexation and the pursuit of a sufficient water supply are not new topics for our area. With our climate, beautiful surroundings, friendly atmosphere, we will always be a desirable place to live and we will always experience the pressures of growth. The question is, and always will be, how do we address it. Fortunately, we have some tools and information available to us to help understand what happens with positive growth and how positive growth can occur.

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Benefits of Annexation

When properties are annexed into our local municipalities, it provides the tools necessary to give the municipalities the right to ensure that our growth is well planned. Specifically, annexation:

  • Helps regulate housing density and growth;
  • Requires paved roads to protect our air quality;
  • Requires proper wastewater facilities to protect our aquifer;
  • Requires traffic impact studies to protect the traveling public.

…without annexation, the opportunity for multiple land splits occurs with far reaching impacts on our water quantity and quality, our air quality, our water recharge…

Accordingly, the only real solution to control growth and its associated water use is through annexation. In fact, without annexation, the opportunity for multiple land splits occurs with far reaching impacts on our water quantity and quality, our air quality, our water recharge, and our ability to charge (tax) individuals for the services that they receive – as water consumption outside the municipal boundaries of our communities is largely facilitated through private wells that do not receive the same level of control.

The economy has improved considerably in the last year. New homes are being built. Planning for and directing growth through master planned subdivision growth makes the most sense for our communities and our water supply. Acknowledging that we will grow and acknowledging that we need to grow as a community is necessary. We need to quit blaming our City and Town Councils for doing what is right; they cannot control growth or completely solve our water issues. They are doing what they can and they are doing a pretty good job of it.

About Central Arizona Partnership

We at the Central Arizona Partnership, a group comprised of civic, business, and education leaders for Yavapai County, care deeply for the community and believe that smart, planned growth provides opportunities for young families, promotes diversity, helps provide quality health services and establishes a healthy tax base to help pay for an enhanced quality of life. We welcome further discussion on this topic and encourage you to contact us with any questions you may have. www.centralarizonapartnership.org .

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