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Local Citizens of Prescott Valley and Prescott Get ‘High Marks’ for Water Conservation

by John Munderloh, Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition (UVRWPC)

The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) released its most recent figures on water use for the Town of Prescott Valley and City of Prescott. The study found Prescott Valley at 100 gallons per capita, per day (gpcd), slightly lower than Prescott’s gpcd of 113.

According to John Munderloh, Chair of the Technical Advisory Committee for the Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition (UVRWPC), ADWR is the regulatory authority that monitors water consumption by municipal water providers in active management areas throughout the state. Prescott Valley and Prescott are within the boundaries of the Prescott Active Management Area (PrAMA).

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“Our citizens are doing an excellent job with water conservation, demonstrated by our low gpcd.” Munderloh said. “It not only illustrates that our citizens are aware of the need to conserve water, but that they are also implementing water conservation practices in their daily lives.”

Both municipalities have tiered water rates, which rewards citizens who conserve water with lower water bills. They also provide information on water conservation through local publications, community outreach and incorporates the WaterSmart public education program into their practices.“We work with our citizens and provide the tools and knowledge they need to be active participants in conserving water,” Munderloh said. “The city (Prescott) and town (Prescott Valley) are the two largest municipal water providers in the PrAMA.”

Prescott Valley Vice-Mayor Lora Lee Nye also chairs the UVRWPC Executive Board. She works closely with Munderloh to set coalition priorities.

“What can I say to our citizens, but, bravo! You get high marks for water conservation,” Nye said. “We are fortunate to live in communities where our residents and business owners work together to address important issues like water supply and are willing to do their part to manage their daily use and not waste this precious resource.”

The UVRWPC, established in 2008, is a formal intergovernmental partnership between the Towna of Prescott Valley and Chino Valley, Yavapai Prescott-Indian Tribe, Yavapai County and the City of Prescott.

For more information, visit the UVRWPC website or e-mail Munderloh at [email protected].

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